With ‘Brexit’ a sad reality we might not have as easy a time of travelling around Europe ever again so that is why from February 29th, 2020 we are setting out on the Unscripted Ride European tour!

We are getting a ferry across to northern Spain, we’ll ride through Spain and Portugal following parts of the Camino De Santiago, before turning around and riding to Greece. The rough plan is that we’ll do a loop which takes in a lot of the European countries, following the mountains as much as possible and seeing where the road takes us. We don’t know exactly how long we’re going away for, maybe 6 months but if we like a place maybe we’ll stay longer. It’s all left very open ended and the unplanned nature of this feels exciting again.

We’ll update this page as we’re travelling so keep checking back every now and then for more insights into our travel plans.

You can read our most recent blog post about our European travel plans on the blog HERE.

Map and Stats

  • Coming soon (Once we start riding!)

We have very rough European route plan, as is the nature of how we travel, so if you have any suggestions or recommendations of places we should see/things we should do/places to stay, general European tips and info, or anything else please send us a message. We’d really appreciate it!