Camping & Gear V2

Way back at the start of 2017 when we were planning our trip across the Americas we used websites and blogs to help us choose our kit, as we had no prior touring experience. After riding for over a year from Argentina to Ecuador, we have a much better idea of where we want to ride, what kit we like or dislike and we’ve met lots of people who we have taken inspiration from. This has all helped us form our own opinions about what makes a good setup for mostly dirt road touring.

Below is our updated kit list with changes and upgrades that we have made over the past 16 months and more recently when we returned to the UK in January 2019. If you want to read what changes we have made to the bikes, you can do so by going to our bike build page HERE.

Disclaimer: We are in no way sponsored and everything we have with us has been bought at our own expense. All choices and opinions are our own.

To understand how we’ve colour coded the list, an orange box indicates an item that we no longer carry, green is an item that we have changed and grey is something that we’ve never had/isn’t appropriate.

Everything that Ben has previously carried and now currently carries on his bike are in the first two columns (labelled “September 2017” and “January 2019”) and Steph’s the second two.

We’ve explained some of our kit choices and the decisions behind some of it on the blog HERE. Anything else you want to know, leave us a comment below.

Get in touch! >> What do you think about our kit list? How do you share out your gear when travelling with someone else? Do you carry anything that we don’t? Do you want any more information about some of the changes we’ve made? >> Comment below or send us a message, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

** If the text is too small, you can view the spreadsheet online HERE too.

With a few upgrades and changes the bikes feel lighter and ready to go explore!
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