So this all started when we managed to pick up a cheap deal on an MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent and from there we continued to buy kit that we thought would take us around the world. Sleeping bag research and how to find the best deal on a Thermarest took over our lives for a few weeks (spreadsheets were made and nights were spent restlessly considering the options!) until eventually we found what we considered to be a good deal and met our extensive criteria.

Until we do our final pack nearly the entire kit list is subject to change but here is where we are up to at the moment: Click HERE

Updated January 2019: New kit list HERE


For some the bikes would be the most daunting aspect of planning a trip of this type, but as Ben is a bicycle mechanic this bit was reasonably straightforward. Combining knowledge of what we wanted with what was available through the shop he worked at we came up with a custom spec for two bikes that would hopefully stand up to the rigours of our adventure.

Ben – Genesis Longitude

Steph – Surly ECR

Some details of the building of the bikes can be found HERE.

Disclaimer: We are in no way sponsored and everything we have with us has been bought at our own expense. All choices and opinions are our own.

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