From Mountains to Jungle: Tulcan to Mocoa on the ‘Trampoline de la Muerte’

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Crossing into a new country is normally an exciting time. You always have the minor hassle of actually doing the paperwork and getting the stamps but so far we have never had any problems and we are usually underway with … Read More

End of Ecuador: Tumbaco to Tulcan

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‘El Chaquiñan’ is a bike path which follows the old train line from Quito to 20km outside of the city. We joined this route two blocks from Santi’s Casa de Ciclista in Tumbaco and had an easy route out of … Read More

New year, new kit, fresh legs: Returning to Ecuador

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After 4 weeks of food, beer and no exercise at home in the UK you could say that we were sufficiently rested. Cycling seemed like a distant memory as we got on a train to start the mammoth journey back … Read More

Quito, Casa de Ciclista and The Big Surprise!

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“Do not travel to arrive, travel to go” Anonymous.As written on the wall at La Casa de Ciclista, Tumbaco Ecuador2019 We need to come clean. At the end of the last blog we said that we had just arrived at … Read More

Exploring the Ecuadorean Sierra: Cuenca to Quito

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We’ve explored and seen a lot on our ride from Cuenca to Quito following the terrific Trans-Ecuador Mountain Bike Route. As such, this instalment is very photo heavy so you might want to get a cuppa and give them a … Read More

Onwards and Upwards: Piura to Loja

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It has been a funny few weeks for us. Ever since Cusco we have spent as much, if not more, of the time off the bikes than riding them. It wasn’t through our own choice most of the time what … Read More

Peruvian Dilemmas: Changing plans and stolen passports

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At the end of our last blog we had reached the half-way point of Peru’s Great Divide after battling the elements for 8 days and we were considering our next steps. Between the weather and the realisation that the next … Read More

Cycling the Peru Divide – Huancavelica to Carretera Central

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Peru’s Great Divide (The Peru Divide) cycling route was pioneered by two legends of the South American cycle touring scene, Neil and Harriet Pike. So first things first we have to give huge kudos to them for putting this route … Read More

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