Things Are Getting Real: Yorkshire to Herefordshire, UK

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We’ve been fairly quiet for the last few weeks as we have been ticking off several of the more major boxes in preparation for our big trip.

So far we have both quit our jobs and moved 150 miles south, back to the area that our parents live. Living back at home will be a little strange, but it’s only temporary and it will allow us to live very cheaply while we finalise the plan for our big ride. Trying to figure everything out around working full time meant that deciding on things took a while, and progress was generally slow. Being unemployed will give us far more time to get everything organised leading up to our departure date.

Speaking of departure date….. we booked our flights! Another major milestone ticked off. Exciting stuff, even though it still doesn’t feel real. September 20th is the big day, so we now have 8 weeks to fully sort out all of our kit and prepare ourselves.

Next week we are heading into the wilds of mid-Wales for a couple of weeks. As well as being fun and riding bikes every day it will give us a chance to test everything we plan on taking over a longer period of time than we have previously had chance to do.

Check back to see how we get on!

Ben and Steph

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