Nearly Time To Leave

It’s under a week to go (3 days to be precise) and then we fly to the other side of the world. Feelings range from excitement, nervousness and being totally overwhelmed. Where have the last eight weeks gone?!? Since returning from our Wales trip we’ve been a bit quiet on[…]

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Things Are Getting Real

We’ve been fairly quiet for the last few weeks as we have been ticking off several of the more major boxes in preparation for our big trip. So far we have both quit our jobs and moved 150 miles south, back to the area that our parents live. Living back[…]

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Adventure Cycle Festival 2017 – Inspiration and expanding possibilities

Over the past few months we have been getting out into the wild, taking overnight trips with our bikes and purchasing lots of exciting new gear suited to this style of riding. Naturally the Adventure Cycle Festival piqued our interest. The Adventure cycle festival is ‘a not-for-profit festival with an[…]

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Venturing Further Afield

The Yorkshire Dales have some fantastic backroads and the scenery makes a great backdrop for adventure cycling. We cycled through quaint villages, rode alongside endless stone walls and found two great wild camping spots.  Location: Yorkshire Dales National Park, England. Time: 28th March 2017. 3 days, 2 nights. Distance: 151.49[…]

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What is this madness?

Welcome. You’ve stumbled across our blog all about our adventures on two wheels. Steph and I (Ben) are currently in the midst of planning a round-the-world cycle touring trip, which if you follow this blog you will no doubt hear all about! However, before deciding on our big mission we[…]

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