Who are we? 

Ben and Steph are a couple from the UK most recently employed as a bicycle mechanic and an early years teacher, respectively. We have reached the age where seemingly all of our friends are either getting married, having kids, or both. This felt a bit too much like real life and we both agreed that there is more of the world to explore before we reached that point so we left our jobs, sold most of our possessions and set off on an adventure by bike.


Why Ride? 

The answer is simple: We both love riding bikes and seeing new places so we decided to combine the two.

We want to ride bikes all day every day, live simply and escape the daily routine, see new landscapes, explore the places away from the tourist trail, meet interesting people of different countries and cultures, try local cuisine, spot new birds and animals (Steph more so!), learn a new language, sleep under the stars and see every sunrise and sunset.

Check out our first blog post for more about us and the thoughts behind our trip: HERE

Where will we go? 

Our ideal answer would be, ‘everywhere’ but due to circumstances beyond our control we know this will not always be possible.

Our starting point is Ushuaia, the most southerly point in South America accessible by road and we will cross the Americas by bike, aiming to go as far north as we can cycle. We are following the seasons, which change vastly over the American continent, and as such our route is flexible and unscripted. If we like somewhere we might stay longer, if the weather is bad we might change our route or if we fancy a detour, we’ll take it! Follow our blog and social media to see where we end up!

After that? Who knows! There are some things we would love to do… cycle the length of New Zealand, ride in Australia, explore the Far East and experience Central Asia, find our way home through Europe… that would be the dream. But as with all good adventures we are leaving it open ended as plans will inevitably change along the way and we’ll see what happens on the Americas adventure first.

See where we are up to on our BLOG page or view the MAP

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