Ben & Steph’s Cycling Adventure

In September 2017 we flew to Ushuaia, Argentina to begin our cycling adventure. We have a general idea of the direction we might cycle and what we would like to see on the way, but connecting those dots has been left unscripted, awaiting local advice and seeing where the road takes us.

Update: November 2018

Current Location: Ecuador

It has been over one year since we left the UK and so far we have cycled through 7 countries on the South American continent (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru) and generally in a northerly direction. We took a detour from the typical touring cyclists' route which follows the Andes, deciding to cycle from Valparaiso on the western coast of Chile to the beaches on the eastern coast of Uruguay. Although this wasn't always the most interesting in terms of scenery, we met some of the most incredible people on this part of the trip and also got to visit the incredible Iguazu Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world.

Now we are back following the Andes mountains, currently exploring the sierras of Ecuador on the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) and tackling the beginning of the wet season. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for at least another month!

Check out the 'Blog' page for our most recent ramblings which will provide insight into life on the road or the 'About' page for more on Ben and Steph.

To see the route we have taken you can view our map on the 'Ride & Stats' page and also find out some of the numbers from our time on the road so far.

The 'Gallery' page is a portfolio of some of our favourite shots from the ride so far. You will also find country specific information such as must see destinations, food you have to try, useful travel tips, average costs and more - Coming Soon!

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